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Hello! I’m Becca.

I am here to support you in creating a life of greater alignment, joy, and possibility.

I invite you to reflect on what that might look like for you. Then read on. 

Get to know me. Explore my work.

If you're here, chances are that you can relate in some way to my experience.

It’s been a journey to get here, and the adventure continues... Join me!

About my journey...

I've been on a quest most of my life to discover my purpose and live it fully.

It’s been a bit complicated, and I’ve come to realize that so much of what I thought was coming from within me and my independent process, actually has not been to the extent I thought.

I've discovered that my experience and decisions have been distorted by the energies and emotions of those around me, and the suffering in the world at large.

Yup. I'm empathic and highly intuitive. To the nth degree.

Meaning, I pick up on and process a lot of intuitive information, energies and emotions of not just those around me, but also the larger collective and universal energies and emotions at any given time. Yet, for most of my life, I wasn’t aware that my experience was being filtered through all of this, on top of the typical family and social conditioning we all navigate.

Even when I thought I was living my truth, acting independently and carving my own path, I was often still under the influence.

Taking on as mine the emotions, pain, guilt and misplaced responsibility for situations that left me living in perpetual shame, fatigue, and overwhelm. Leaving me questioning my intuition, not fully trusting myself or my experience, and in a constant state of stress, overwhelm, and confusion.

See, the thing is, I know I have a lot to share with the world. I’ve felt that I was here to serve in some way since I was little.

Every chosen path has felt like a left turn of sorts… a shift in an unexpected direction, going against the mainstream flow or even my own initial expectations. Always seeking the highest path of service and in alignment with my truth (not that I used those terms until recently).

However, often at odds with the world, or depleted by processing so much for everyone around me, getting weighed down, struggling to connect with my truth, in relationship, and live a balanced life of purpose in an enjoyable state of being, made life extremely painful and challenging to harmonize with the universal flow and align with my own unique expression and highest possibilities.

Feeling “other” for much of my life and always aware of the amazing possibilities for each of us and the world at large, left me feeling at odds with myself much of the time.

For, my inner knowing didn't seem to help me make much headway in building my life, figuring out my work, and relating to the world as it is.

The beautiful part of it all is that my life has been and continues to be a glorious tapestry of experiences, relationships, adventures, and learning, that feels like I’m getting an on-the-ground higher education in being human, all that it means to be alive, and that there is so much support available to us, as we learn to become empowered beings living this human experience.

The journey doesn’t end towards alignment, greater empowerment, compassion and joy, as each moment carries in it infinite possibilities and the stillness that always is.

Cultivating our inner experience, strengthening our own energies and presence of being, and cultivating our outer expression and environment all blends together to support us in creating a higher, more conscious and compassionate state of being. This, in turn, can’t help but shift the world at large.

Would you like to journey forward with me towards coming into greater alignment with who you are, opening to the possibilities, and existing at a higher emotional energetic state?

Would you like to separate out those external influences and at the least, begin to learn what may be influencing you and the ways you can shift your experience and strengthen the integrity of your own energy and emotional state, learning to trust yourself and your experience, that ultimately only you can truly know?

You do not have to journey, dive deep, or tread these waters alone (pick your metaphor).

I encourage you to contact me to set up a Foundation Session, or purchase an art print that resonates with the energy you would like to experience more of in your life, or reach out to create a custom one-on-one program.

For, everything is to support you. And you are never truly alone. Just, sometimes we need some help to clear the gunk away to see and know that fully for ourselves. Hey- what else are we here for but to learn, grow, play and connect, anyway?!

What are you experiencing in your life?

Is your life a grand adventure? Full of calm waters, magical sunsets and a venturing into the unknown with joy and wonder?

Or do you feel caught in an ongoing storm, battling the winds and waves, perpetually soaked, simply trying to stay afloat?

Perhaps you vacillate between the two experiences, and feel frustrated because you have such a strong sense that the wonder, joy, and state of possibility is truly possible in each moment. And it's difficult to maintain, or even reach. But, you KNOW it's right there. Hence the major frustration & confusion! Often, we experience limitations or circumstances due to energies, patterns and beliefs. Sometimes they're ours, often they're not.

Often, we experience limitations or circumstances due to energies, patterns and beliefs. 

Sometimes they're ours, often they're not.

More and more people are becoming increasingly sensitive to the energies around them and in the world, as well as becoming more aware. It can be unnerving and bring challenges to our daily living in the form of physical and health imbalances; low energy; irritability and difficult sleeping; anxiety and depression; overwhelm. Or, we may experience a sense of knowing something more is possible, yet unable to move forward or bring those possibilities into lived reality. So comes the confusion, overwhelm, and not knowing what to do to create what you know to be possible, yet seems and feels really far away or even impossible, at the same time.

Does the following resonate with you?

  • Does anything feel like a constant struggle, overwhelming, or like you just can’t make headway no matter how much you try?

  • Do you have a specific situation or condition that won’t resolve or go away?

  • Maybe you feel disconnected- from others, from yourself, spiritually, or stuck in fear and anxiety about the future, or shame, guilt or sadness from the past.

  • Or perhaps you’ve been told you’re too sensitive, emotional, or never satisfied.

The journey doesn’t end towards alignment, greater empowerment, compassion and joy, as each moment carries in it infinite possibilities and the stillness that always is.

Cultivating our inner experience, strengthening our own energies and presence of being, and cultivating our outer expression and environment all blends together to support us in creating a higher, more conscious and compassionate state of being. This, in turn, can’t help but shift the world at large.

Everything can shift. You can learn to navigate life and create from a place of Empowered Alignment.

Our liabilities and lessons can become our biggest gifts. 

Sacred Containers & Other Support Offers for Energy Alignment, Clearing, Empowerment and Quantum Shifts

Foundation First

With a strong, Foundation, comes Empowered Alignment. We'll go right in to a blend of intuitive and energy work, both diving deep and looking at you what you may have some awareness around. We'll get a sense of what may be interfering with your joyful experience of life. and start to get some insight and recommendations for what would be most supportive at this time.  

Energy Vortex Painting

Your Energy Vortex Custom Painting

Connecting in to your energy, I paint a custom painting that is unique to you. This process supports energy shifts, culminating in a meditation piece that embodies the energy of your or your business' vortex , and supports you in coming into alignment with your highest possibilities as you create your life.

Intuitive Session Package

Intuitive Session Packages

Gain insight into what you are experiencing-- whether it is something you are looking to heal, release, or bring into your experience. Learn how to strengthen your own energy and no longer be at mercy of your past, other people, or what is happening around you. Create a life you enjoy, increasing your own intuitive awareness and bringing in more grace and ease.

Learn more...

I invite you on a journey to strengthen your trust in your own experience, take up the energetic space that is yours to inhabit, and align with your highest possibilities.

Check out the interview I did with Maribeth on her YouTube podcast

 Sacred Grove, Conversations with Maribeth Decker

Pet Energy Portrait & Pet Energy Family Portrait

Commission an energy portrait of your pet(s) or a family energy portrait of your pets with you, their person/people. This is a snapshot of the current energy vortex of your pets or you and your pets. It captures the individual energy vortex of each member, plus the composite family energy vortex and dynamic. Each painting session towards completion is also a quantum energy session in support of your pets/family, and the infused energy will continue to support you all when it's hanging in your home.

Acrylic on Canvas, 11x14 (1-4 pets/people) or 12x16 (5-7 pets/people.) US shipping included.

Consult Call & Mini-Session

Are you interested in support to strengthen your energy and learn to weather the emotional and energetic storms that can be overwhelming at times? Wanting to release any interference that keeps you from clarity and trusting your intuition? Let's take some time to chat and determine the best place for you to start on your journey to Empowered Alignment. 
Schedule Now

Intuitive Sessions and Energy Art

Offerings to support you on your journey.

About our work together...

It is a collaboration. I share what comes through intuitively - - information, recommendations, possibilities. The energy infused in the art. And you deepen your relationship to your experience and your knowing. It is a co-creative process with a blend of sessions, art work, and quantum support that

Intuitive Sessions

We’ll work with whatever you bring to the session. Or discover what would be most helpful to focus on together. Perhaps you bring something that you're looking to shift or expand in your experience. You're ready to release whatever does not serve, and step into a new way of being that allows you to be who you are fully, enjoying life from a strong and centered place.

Information or recommendations for ways to shift your energy may come through, and part of the process will be supporting you in developing your own intuition and learning to discern what resonates with you, and what truly supports your expansion and alignment with your truth, joy, and aliveness.

The Energy Art

This energy art carries the possibility of transformation and transcendence of your current circumstance. When I paint, I'm in a meditative quantum process during which the energy theme becomes imbued in the art work. And when I paint your custom artwork, I connect into your energy and support you during the painting sessions, and throughout the process until the painting or our work together is complete. This goes deep and can bring about real shifts in your life, as we cocreate the expression of energy that comes forth.

The paintings themselves can then serve as both a meditation tool and touch point for cultivating that energy frequency in your own emotional body and energy system. Shifting your inner state, in turn shifts your relationship to your external reality. Whether you simply place it in your space, touch into it occasionally, or use it as an object for meditation, the prints or original custom artwork serve as a powerful transformative tool.

Featured Paintings

Full Moon: Release & Manifest

Full Moon Energy shines its light on what no longer serves us. It supports us in releasing old habits, patterns, energies, the past and anything else that it is time to release. This releasing creates the space for the new to come in, and for us to step into who we are ready to be and create in our lives.

Sun of Self-Empowerment

This painting carries the energy of Self-Empowerment, which also encompasses Manifestation and Creative energies. When we are in an empowered state of being, we are present and in a state of co-creation with the Universe. Centered and strong in our own energy, yet connected, receptive, and allowing of support to come through for our highest good. 

Sun of Self-Love

The softness of this image reflects the gentle yet essential love and acceptance that serves as the energetic foundation for all other energies we seek to embody. Read about this painting on the blog.

The InnerFire Life Blog

About my blog...

Questions, Reflections, Meditations & Connections in Rooted Joy

Here are some questions, reflections & insights I have gained along my own journey and in the day to day. Perhaps food for thought for your own reflection on who you want to be and what you would like to create for yourself, for others, and in the world. Also, some meditative moments to help create even a momentary pause with an injection of joy as you go about your day. Enjoy!

Featured Blog Posts

Love Notes to a Broken-Open Self

Grief, loss and anger as a portal to healing. What is possible in seemingly impossible circumstances? 


Sun of Self-Love

What is the experience of self-love and self-acceptance? Who do we become when this is our state of being? 


Riding the Tsunami, Finding the Joy

Everything is changing. We are a part of the whole. What will we do with this wave of universal and collective energies? Do we have a choice?


The InnerFire Life

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