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Radiate more & more of who you truly are.

When we learn to center and strengthen in your own experience, clearing out all the energetic, emotional interference, we experience greater clarity, greater access to joy, and a whole different relationship to life.

  • Feel at home in your body & life, while building trust in your intuitive knowing.

  • Experience more joy & deeper connection with self, others, and all of existence.

  • Grow your compassion, love & acceptance- for yourself and others while clearing negativity, judgment, and blocks.

  • Shift from disempowered to empowered in your own experience.

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    InnerFire Offerings

    Here are ways to get started on your energy alignment journey, if you're not quite ready for a 3 or 6 month container.

    Envision & Experience the Feeling...

    Of being centered in your own experience.

    Of making decisions consistently that are in Alignment with YOUR truth.

    Of expansive groundedness and wellbeing.

    Of being free from the past and any stories that are limiting you.

    Quantum Sacred Containers

    1-on-1 for Deep Dive Support

    Let's Create Space to Receive & Allow New Possibilities!

    Quantum Energy Alignment

  • Energy First

  • Clear Interference

  • Strengthen Your Energy Integrity

  • Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

    Learn to discern your energetic experience... as you learn ways to strengthen your energy integrity while getting personalized intuitive energy support. Transform your life by creating space for YOU.

    Whether you're experiencing physical symptoms, challenging circumstances in business/personal finances, difficult relationship dynamics, or feeling restricted in some way, you can take charge of your energy, emotions, and experience & open up to new possibilities.

    Empowered Alignment

    6-Month One-on-One Container

    Insight. Clarity. Quantum Shifts. Deep Support

    In the 6-month container, we will simultaneously maintain focus on building and maintaining a strong energy foundation, while also identifying key issues and aspects of your experience that you are looking to shift.

    You'll receive a current custom Energy Vortex Painting to use for meditation and alignment, and throughout our time, I will also be supporting you energetically with a Quantum Support Painting.

    While I hold the space and amplify and catalyze your quantum shifts and deepening energy awareness, you will be establishing new patterns in your energy field, emotions, and nervous system. All of this aimed towards releasing and clearing whatever may be creating interference internally/externally, while you raise your frequency, shift to Being who you are more fully.

  •  6-month Energetic Container of Quantum Support for Clearing, Shifts & Alignment

  • 1-1 Sessions for Insight, Clearing & Strengthening

  • Your Energy Vortex Original Alignment Painting

  • Custom Quantum Energy Support Painting

  • Access to Full Moon Manifesting Circle - Live

  • Foundational Alignment

    3-Month One-on-One Container

    Insight. Clarity. Quantum Shifts.

    Get the support you need to establish a foundational awareness of your energy, as you learn the tools and practices to clear interference, and strengthen your energy integrity. 

    Through a combination of one on one sessions, you'll shift from doing in a state of disfunction to being more frequently in alignment. Discerning the state of your energy, along with knowing how to create space within your experience in order to allow new possibilities.

    With a strong foundation in energy first, we'll clear out interference that is blocking you from your truth. And we'll identify and explore energy dynamics and blocks that have been interfering with you

  •  3-month Energetic Container of Quantum Support for Clearing, Shifts & Alignment

  • 1-1 Sessions for Insight, Clearing & Strengthening

  • Your Energy Vortex Original Alignment Painting 

  • Access to Full Moon Manifesting Circle - Live

  • Foundational Alignment

    3-month Quantum Container

    Because you realize what you've been doing hasn't been working, and you're ready to create a strong foundation, centered in your own experience.

    Empowered Alignment

    6-month Quantum Container

    Because in addition to building a strong foundation, you're ready to dive deeper, and receive even more support to make the shifts you've been wanting in your life.  

    Additional Support