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Strengthen your energy & connect to powerful, aligned manifestation.

To Come into Alignment, Begin by Building and Strengthening Your Energy Foundation.

Gain Clarity, Awareness, and Discernment from a place of Strength & Integrity within your own Energy Field.

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  • Begin laying the FOUNDATION for Your Alignment 

    to Be Who You Are Fully.

    Through building and strengthening the foundation of our energetic field, we become capable of greater clarity, discernment, presence, and aligned action & manifestation..

    • Identify energetic, emotional or conditioning interference

    • Discover your unique energy signature

    • Strengthen your energetic integrity

    • Clear and create space for onnection to your highest possibilities.

    • Use your unique painting in meditation or to align to your personal energy vortex and re-align throughout the day, either with it visually or in your mind's eye.

    Energy Foundation Starter Kit

    The integrity of our own energy field is at the heart of coming into alignment with our highest possibilities and bringing into form what we would most like to experience. 

    So much of what we experience is NOT in alignment with who we are.

    So much of what we experience is ENERGETIC INTERFERENCE. It is not even ours! 

    Yet it is our responsibility to manage. There's a learning curve, though.


    • If you know that there is something more possible;

    • If you have always been sensitive to the energies and emotions around you;

    • If you find yourself becoming more sensitive and aware of the emotions and energies of others and in the world;

    • If you feel like you've done a lot of inner work and still struggle to create the life and experiences you know you are here to live;

    • If you know you have so much to share, but feel so caught up in the day to day and never seem to quite shift into offering your true gifts;

    • If you get overwhelmed by the thought of all the tools and innerwork you have NOT done, so find yourself not doing any...

    What to do? The Energy Foundation Starter Kit

    I will support you with easy energy and breathwork practices that will help clear out all the interference that is NOT yours, so you can save yourself years of slogging away, trying to clear out, release, and decondition a ton of stuff that ISN'T EVEN YOURS TO CLEAR.

    With this awareness, shift things quickly, and get to the heart of what is causing distortions & keeping you from grounded alignment and create the space for new possibilities.

    With this Energy Art, meditate and shift your energy in a NEW WAY that is visually and energetically stimulated and ALIGNED to YOUR ENERGY for MANIFESTING with CLARITY.

    Maintain the INTEGRITY of your energy field and be less permeable to the energies and emotions of those around you and the big, huge, collective energies at play.

    DISCERN with greater and greater EASE what is yours, when (and how) to clear and raise your energy, so that you can SHIFT into a HIGHER state of BEING... thereby creating a higher state of MAGNETIZATION and AWARENESS.


    Let's Get This Started!

    Set a Strong Foundation for Your Energy and Your Life Journey

    The Insight Session bring to the forefront the key areas of focus for manifestation and the qualities of Being you would like to experience, expand or bring into form.

    The additional Intuitive Sessions will offer the space for continued support, clarity, and quantum shifts, as I tap into my gifts of seeing the possibilities, dropping into the Ground of Being, and helping you create energetic space for something new to emerge in your experience


    Your Energy Vortex Painting serves as both a visual and energetic presence and touch point for you to connect to as part of your meditation practice or simply as you live your life, creating your daily experience. This energy tool connects you to your own energy vortex, coming into Alignment, and staying in greater alignment with your highest possibilities and highest expression of your Unique Self.

     At the beginning of our work together, I set an intention which was a big stretch for me. I’m happy to say that I achieved this intention! I truly believe the combination of the art, Becca’s intuitive readings alongside the meditations and breath work was exactly what I needed in order to carry me to this breakthrough. Thank you, Becca, for sharing your beautiful gifts!

    Nicole Meltzer

    Intuitive Author & Speaker, Balanced U Academy, and International Bestseller book, Intuitive Languages


    In these 6 weeks of working together, we lay the energetic foundation for you to build upon in every aspect of your life. 

    You'll begin or further your shift from a linear, materialistic paradigm, to the energy first paradigm relationship & understanding of relating to and creating the life you are here to be living. And if you are already aware of energy in some way, this will deepen your energy awareness in a practical way, and further your shift to create, manifest and align from a place of quantum awareness and possibilities.

    Even if you don't step into larger Quantum Container of Empowered Alignment, you will have what you need to shift your experience in major ways and start manifesting from ALIGNMENT, as well as know COME BACK INTO ALIGNMENT when life and big waves of energies come at you (which they will... we live in a big ocean-sea of universal, collective, and other/self-generated energies.) 

    Energy Foundation  Starter Kit


      • 90-min Insight Session to begin with depth.

      • Intuitive insights and soul information to bring clarity

      • Start to embody your aligned expression in this session

      • Guidance on building trust in yourself and in your intuitive knowing.

      • Plus

    • Your unique Energy Vortex painting

    • 2 - 60min Intuitive Support Sessions

    • Daily Quantum Energy Support

    • Personalized Guided Visualization Meditation (mp3)

        Daily Energy Support &
    Intuitive Insight

    From when you first schedule, our energy starts to connect. And from our first session through to our last session of the process after you have received your painting,

    I will connect to your energy in the quantum field, holding the space for whatever is ready to shift, release, expand in your experience. 

    Personalized Guided Meditation Audio mp3

    During our first session, we will get a sense of what would be most supportive of your energy system and any patterns that may prevent you from staying in alignment.

    I will create a personalized meditation visualization that will help you deepen your energy awareness, strengthen your connection to your vortex, help prepare you for greater alignment to your highest possibilities.

    An Original Painting on Canvas

    I will be connecting with your energy, and intuitively identify the colors and size of your Energy Vortex. My experience has been that it simply comes to me. And then, as I am connecting to your energy daily in the quantum field, the painting evolves over several meditative painting sessions during the several weeks after your intuitive session.

    Once your painting is complete, I will send it to you. Ideally, the last session will be one to two weeks after you have received it, so that you can meditate with it or simply have it somewhere in your space where you will see it at some point during the day.

    Meet Becca,

    Artist & Intuitive Energy Guide

    Becca embraces life as an adventure to be lived, whether that's living and traveling in Europe or South America; working and creating with others; or delving into the depths of her own spiritual journey and existential explorations into the lived mystical experiences of others' or her own.

    Drawn to art and music, yet being influenced (and curious about) so much in this world and the experiences of others, she is finally shifting from being a super-receiver empath into a radiating intuitive. After spending much of her life feeling at the mercy of all the energies around her, and always feeling like she was the problem, she discovered over the last few years what always felt true despite the evidence and experience to the contrary: the majority of the issue was interference and chaos she took on inadvertently or through misplaced responsibility. No longer!

    Becca has been seeking to uncover her own true expression throughout her life, and to fully take up the space that is hers, impacting the lives of others and the world always for the better. This journey is an on-going adventure to be celebrated and enjoyed... and she can't wait to support you in embracing your adventure and living your purpose, as you shift to the trajectory of your highest possibilities!

    My Client Guarantee

    No resonance? No worries!

    During the first 30 minutes of our first session, if you don't feel we are compatible, I will refund your money -no questions asked! 

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