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Let your InnerFire Guide you.

Next Full Moon Circle 

Full Moon Manifesting Circle

Release & Receive

Recordings & Supplemental Videos

Thank you for joining the first Full Moon Manifesting Circle!

We focused primarily on releasing as the means to clear the way for alignment, clarity, and creating the space to receive, often the missing part of the equation in manifesting.

We also put attention on cultivating the energetic integrity of our system in order to clear out interference the prevents what we would like to experience, create, expand from coming into our reality. 

I'll be preparing supplemental videos to support you in your magnetizing and manifesting, and will add them as they become available, letting you know via email. 

Start with the Full Moon Circle from June 2022 if you were unable to attend live... and it will lay the foundation for moving into magnetizing & manifesting what is in alignment with your true expression, and prepare you to be available to receive what is already yours!

In Joy,

     Becca W.

Note: This is currently a hidden page, just for those who have already registered for the Full Moon Manifesting Circles. I am in the process of creating a membership area, and will open it up to more folks at that point. 

September  2022 - Full Moon Manifesting Circle (recording)

August 2022 - Full Moon Manifesting Circle (recording)

July 13th - Full Moon Manifesting Circle (recording)

June 13 - Full Moon Manifesting Circle (recording)

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