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Card Reading & Energy Clearing


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    • Because you're ready for your new beginnings.

    • Because you're seeking clarity.

    • Because a little support can go a long way...

  • AND because it's not just effective, it's FUN!

  • How often, especially when something difficult arises, or you seem stuck in circumstances that just won't shift...

    Do you hunker down even more into doing Hard Work to Make Things Happen?

    The "work" of LIVING is actually to connect into Possibilities & Enjoyment... so let's do that!

    Want to dive into the energy of your life with a sense of play & ease?

    I invite you to dip your toes in with me. Let's invite the possibilities & create space for the bigger shifts. Through a moment of opening up to guidance and energetic support, you can begin to shift at the level of energy and relating. Whatever is going on, what you want to release, shift, expand or bring into your experience.

      The Steps: 

    • 1. Make the payment

    • 2. Email me with ONE of the following:

        A) an open-ended question (not yes/no)

        B) an area of focus with a 2-3 sentence description of the issue

        C) a request for general guidance/clearing

    • 3. I'll respond with a photo of the card, any intuitive messages and insights that I receive, and a description of the energy clearings. Please allow 48-72 hours from date and time of purchase to receive your session insights via email.

    • Let's play in the energy of new possibilities!

Want another way to play EVEN MORE in the energy & your new possibilities?

Here's how you can have additional continued support around this to fully allow a shift with your situation, issue or what you want to create:

For $50 more: I will do a simple 4"x6" gouache painting (it's like watercolor & acrylic in one) painting on paper of the energy from your reading & clearing and send it to you.* I will include a brief 2-3 sentence description of the energies and themes of your sketch. You will have your own little energy tool to continue supporting you in this shift & clearing. Place it in your space. Connect to it when you do your meditation, journaling, tapping, or any other practice you already do to support yourself. It will help you center in your own energy and amplify your process.

Or simply connect to it visually & BREATHE. 🧡

*You'll be able to add this to your purchase during the checkout process for the reading. Please allow an additional 2-3 weeks for the receipt of your gouache painting.

Here's to a season of breakthroughs, release, & creating space for new energies and possibilities!

Disclaimer: Intuitive Services are not a substitute for professional medical, mental, financial, or legal advice or counsel. The readings and clearings by Becca of InnerFire Visioning may provide insight and are offered with the understanding that you will use your own discernment. All clients are responsible for their own health and all aspects of their well-being. While InnerFire Visioning shares information and does energy clearings in a cocreative, supportive process, it is up to each client to discern for themselves what advice to take and what feels right to them, and to seek appropriate medical, psychological, financial or legal advice. These services are to supplement your journey and wellbeing, and not replace any concurrent or additional care or counsel that may be appropriate. The client recognizes that they have engaged these intuitive and energy services of their own free will.  

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