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The antidote to overwhelm, pain, constriction & limitation?  LOVE.

Golden Sphere Visualization

Needing an energy reset or a few minutes of nourishing self-care?

This Golden Sphere Visualization is deeply relaxing, healing, and reconnects you with yourself and with the always-available flow of Unconditional Love energy.

Relax, Receive & Be Nourished

woman by rocky shore arms outstretched basking in glowing sun

Ready, Set... Receive!

FREE Guided Visualization: Golden Sphere Energy of Unconditional Love

Immerse yourself in deep healing energy & connect within and beyond.

For Your Personal Alignment...

A Personal Alignment Painting is a wonderful place to begin your journey with me. And a powerful way continue your exploration of energy, alignment, and learning to navigate your life in a new way.

Learn techniques to calm your nervous system, strengthen your energy field, and cultivate greater ease in your experience. Or use your painting to amplify your current practices.

You can get yours here, to center within your own energy, connect to your highest possibilities, and allow & cocreate with greater clarity, ease, and freedom.

Learn More

Hi, I'm Becca!

I am here to support you in creating a life of greater alignment, joy, and possibility.

I invite you to reflect on what that might look like for you. 

If you're here, chances are that you can relate in some way to my experience.

You do not have to journey, dive deep, or tread these waters alone (pick your metaphor).

It’s been a journey to get here, and the adventure continues... Join me!