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Golden Sphere Visualization

Relax, Receive & Be Nourished

This Golden Sphere Visualization is deeply relaxing, healing, and reconnects you with yourself and with the always-available flow of Unconditional Love energy.

The antidote to overwhelm, pain, constriction & limitation? It all begins with LOVE.

Here is a guided visualization for you. It came to me as I was working with clients over the past year. I began to share it during sessions, observing the deep healing, calming, and nourishing effect every time I did. It is an energy much needed for healing on the individual level and globally. It is an immersion in the true energy of the Universe. Allow yourself to be filled up and reconnected both within, and without. Now, you can access this energy at home through this mp3 recording, and then access it any time you would like energetically.

Nourish & Strengthen you at all levels on your journey to Whole Self Living ...

by receiving the Gift of Golden Light & Unconditional Love Energy guided visualization mp3

Relax into the beautiful, warm golden light energy of Unconditional Love simply by listening to this guided visualization. In so doing, you prepare the way for the shifts, clearings, and healing that will allow you enter a whole new paradigm of living. 

And you will be able to access this energy at any time... to calm your nervous system, connect within, and begin to cultivate the capacity to recieve, allow, be supported, heal any sense of separation or disconnect from yourself and All that is.

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