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Strengthen your energy & connect to powerful, aligned manifestation.

Envision & Experience the Feeling...

of being centered in your own experience

… knowing you can clear out the energetic and emotional influences of those around you, and stay true to your desires, the life you want to create, the work you are here to do.

of making decisions consistently that are in Alignment with YOUR truth

… as you release with ease any interference from collective energies, others' expectations, conditioning, and any fears or frustrations.

of expansive groundedness and wellbeing

… as you take up the energetic space that is YOURS to inhabit, releasing overwhelm, and taking consistent, aligned action for your highest good and greatest possibilities.

of being free from the past and any stories that are limiting you

... of no longer getting stuck in the story of your past and trying to dismantle it all, but rather going to energy first, and coming into alignment, clearing out, and raising your frequency rapidly with ease, as you shift to a new trajectory with more joy and possibility. 

More than a work of art.

Not simply a painting you may enjoy having on your wall, this art piece embodies the energetic signature of your personal energy vortex or that of your business.

Bring it into your space, and allow the energy of YOUR highest good to permeate your environment. Bringing you back into Alignment with who YOU are, assisting you in centering and strengthening your own energy and capacity to manifest from a place of energetic strength and highest possibility.

Hold the visual of your painting in your mind's eye, and connect to it whenever you need to center and strengthen.

What is an Energy Vortex Painting & Why do I want one in my life?

Your Energy Vortex Painting 

This painting is actually a form of energy work, and brings the embodiment of your vortex energies into visual and energetic representation. For 16 years, I have been working with energy through doing integrative intuitive bodywork, as well as part of my own personal evolution and spiritual journey.

Developing awareness, learning to open and allow the energy to flow through me when working with clients in front of me or at a distance. Cultivating a connection and learning to trust my intuitive knowing, and the information revealed, as I watched people's experience shift and their lives transform, particularly if there was a receptivity in the client, and the more out of the way I became.

Bodywork and energy work was a meditation in that form, and now the energy painting is a meditation as I serve as the conduit to connect with and infuse your particular energy signature onto the canvas. The colors and the energy that come through onto the canvas, hold the energy of your personal vortex at this time. 

What does this mean? This painting serves as an energetic presence and focal point that is anchored in alignment with your energy vortex- or the field from which all that is highest of you and that you desire comes into manifestation.

The key is Alignment. In day to day living, it is easy to fall out of alignment with our highest self and with the higher frequencies that are required to manifest that which we want to create in our lives, rather than the frequencies of the patterned thoughts and behaviors, or interference from lower or challenging energies of the collective, those around us, or our own conditioned ways of being.

Why do we meditate? Why do we do try to create space between ourselves and the storeis our minds have taken on from childhood, society, our own distorted interpretations of reality?

In order to be present with what IS, and in so doing, raise our frequency, strengthen our energy, so that we are in Alignment with our true selves, our purpose, and living from a place of inherent joy and neutrality. Not overwhelmed and at the mercy of life, everyone around us, and what the world says is a continuous uphil struggle. 

Intuitive Sessions

Experience firsthand the intuitive insight that can come through, along with the shifts that are possible within seconds. Gain insight around a specific issue or situation causing you frustration or challenge in some way, or simply show up to invite insight and energy shift that will support your highest good moving forward.

Engaging in these sessions, we always come back to your experience, and strengthening your own intuitive awareness and trust in your experience. Whatever does come through me in terms of connecting the dots or revealing information about influences or interference in your experience, it will always be part of your process to sit with that information, experience it within your body and energy system, and ultimately decide what rings true for you.

My experience with this has been that the journey always leads back to yourself and your own inner authority as you become more clear and trusting, releasing fears, conditioning, and other influences from your life and beyond that affect or limit your ability to live a life true to you and in alignment with your highest purpose. So, it becomes about the journey to that embodied awareness and energetic integrity, rather than the specifics of a story or whether the information is factual. It may capture the energy that limits, distorts or impacts your frequency-- keeping you feeling trapped within yourself, other peoples' emotional experiences and expectations, and not living from your own InnerFire guidance.

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The moment Becca showed me the painting she created for me, I immediately felt the energy of the artwork rush through my body. I felt as if I was looking at an aspect of my soul. 

At the beginning of our work together, I set an intention which was a big stretch for me. I’m happy to say that I achieved this intention!

I truly believe the combination of the art, Becca’s intuitive readings alongside the meditations and breath work was exactly what I needed in order to carry me to this breakthrough. Thank you, Becca, for sharing your beautiful gifts!

Nicole Meltzer

Intuitive Author & Speaker, Balanced U Academy, and upcoming book, Intuitive Languages

Introductory Pricing



     Foundational Alignment     Intro Kit


  • 90-minute Insight Session

  • Your unique Energy Vortex Painting

  • Quantum Energy Support

  • Personalized Meditation



Foundational Alignment Program

6 week Quantum Container

  • Initial Insight Session

  • 2 Intuitive Energy Sessions

  • Your unique Energy Vortex painting

  • Daily Quantum Energy Support

  • Personalized Guided Visualization Meditation (mp3) & transcript



  Energy Vortex Painting  for Meditation & Alignment

  • Your unique Energy Vortex Painting

  • Quantum Energy Support

  • Email Communication

  • Painting Meditation Guide

 Child's Energy Vortex Painting $333

Do you have children? This is a fun way to bring color and energy into their space, and give them something that is uniquely theirs to connect into whenever they would like, or could use some centering in their own energy.

If feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, or overtaken by big emotions, this can become their safe place to connect to, learn to take some centering breaths, or jump and shake out the energy that has built up as emotion. An excellent tool for teaching meditation and centering to young children, who are naturally sensitive and open to energy.

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I'd like to support my child in their Alignment.
    Daily Energy Support & Intuitive Insight

From when you first schedule, our energy starts to connect. Through the painting of your Energy Vortex, or through your post-painting session, if you have chosen the full experience.

I will connect to your energy in the quantum field, holding the space for supporting your Alignment with your highest possibilities in this phase of your experience.

Each of the 5 or so work sessions in which I paint your vortex, are focused energy sessions, connecting in to your energy & specific vortex.

An Original Custom Painting

I connect in with your energy, and intuitively identify the colors of your current active Energy Vortex. My experience has been that it simply comes to me. And then, as I am connecting to your energy daily in the quantum field, the painting evolves over several meditative painting sessions.

Once your painting is complete, I will send it to you. If you added one intuitive session, that will be scheduled prior to the painting. If you opted for two, one will be pre-painting, and the other will be post-receipt of your painting. 

Personalized Guided Meditation Audio mp3

During our first session, we will get a sense of what would be most supportive of your energy system and any patterns that may prevent you from staying in alignment.

I will create a personalized meditation visualization that will help you deepen your energy awareness, strengthen your connection to your vortex, help prepare you for greater alignment to your highest possibilities.

If you have the Full Experience, you will receive both the mp3 recording & transcription of your personalized alignment meditation.

Meet Becca,

Artist & Intuitive Energy Guide

Becca embraces life as an adventure to be lived, whether that's living and traveling in Europe or South America; working and creating with others; or delving into the depths of her own spiritual journey and existential explorations. She studied Spanish Literature and Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Notre Dame, and International Relations at La Universidad de Chile. 

Feeling at odds with the systems in place in the world, she eventually turned within once more and took a path less traveled, both for personal healing and spiritual understanding. A massage therapist, health coach, an intuitive, artist and musician, Becca draws from extensive formal and self-directed study, as well as direct lived experience.

Becca seeks to live her unique expression fully, embracing her spiritual and energetic gifts to journey alongside others, supporting those who feel that something more is possible, both for themselves, and in our shared experience.

My Client Guarantee

Not resonant? No worry!

During the first 30 minutes of our first session, if you don't feel we are compatible, I will refund your money -no questions asked!